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Not Sustainable

We’re not fans of the word ‘sustainable’. It’s lost meaning.

We know that making new products has a negative impact on the Planet.

Instead of claiming to be perfect, we focus on minimising our effect on the environment. Doing less harm and more good. Putting the Planet, and people, before profits.

We call this Planet-First. It means always looking to reduce our footprint. Offsetting our unavoidable emissions and going a step further to be climate positive. Using our giving model to help protect and restore the Planet.

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Minimal footprints

Made from waste

We use 100% recycled fabrics made from post-consumer waste and certified to the highest environmental standards.

Closing the loop

We design with the end in mind. Our tees are made from 100% polyester so it's easier to recycle them back into fabric when they can't be worn any more.

Small Batch

We make our t-shirts in small batches in the EU. This means we make more of what's popular and less of what isn't, minimising waste.


Packaging is a necessary evil. Our groundbreaking garment bags dissolve harmlessly in water (so no micro plastics). We do not use hang tags. We ship in recycled, recyclable mailers.

Less washing

Washing and drying clothes has a large environmental impact. We treat our tees with Swiss anti-odour tech. So less stink. You can wash your kit less and at a lower temp.

Recycle Project

Our tees are designed to be recycled when you're done with them.
For every old tee returned, we give you money off a new one.

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Giving Back

We want to use our business for good. We've partnered with Heal Rewilding, giving at least 1% from our sales to support rewilding the UK.

The land they reclaim creates space where animals can live freely, helps combat climate change and will be open to everyone to enjoy.

Heal is a UK rewilding charity taking action on nature recovery, climate change and wellbeing.

Heal Rewilding
On A Mission Logo

Unfortunately, making clothes has an impact. We're always trying to reduce our emissions. But for those we can't avoid, we offset.

We work with ON A MISSION, a Swiss non-profit who enable us to invest in carefully selected sustainable reforestation projects to offset our carbon emissions.

We go a step further by over compensating. This means our business and products are climate positive.