About us

We started Mokimor to make the best running clothing we could. It had to help restore and protect our planet, inspire adventure and celebrate originality.

We’re starting small. One small limited batch at a time. Doing one thing well, before we look to grow. This means we can make more of the kit people want and less of what they don’t.

The Trail State of Mind

Our Inspiration

To us, running’s not all about split times, rankings and monotonous track circuits.

It’s about the places we run. The spirit of adventure. Running your own path. 

The freedom to explore, take risks and seek challenges in the great outdoors.

We call it the Trail State of Mind.

Our Values


We’re not fans of the word ‘sustainable’. It's lost meaning.

We don’t pretend that making clothes doesn't have a negative impact. We simply strive to do less harm and more good. Putting planet (and people) before profits.


Spirit of Adventure

Embrace challenge. Explore the new. Take risks.

We’re on a journey, we’re not sure where it will take us but we'll enjoy the ride. We’ll do the best we can, questioning convention and testing new ideas. So we can make kit worthy of your adventures.


A run is you and the path ahead. A moment to do what you want, how you want. 

From unique designs to limited small-batch production, our clothing celebrates the originality of every runner and the uniqueness of every run.

Our Story

I used to be part of the problem. I started a small sportswear business after leaving my career as a teacher. But I soon realised the damage the clothing industry had on the environment and knew I had to change direction. 

A few years and various hold-ups later, Mokimor was launched.

Eddie K

Our name


1. Combination of old English term MOKEY or MOKY for dark, cloudy, drizzling weather followed by the chiefly British word MOOR for open, rollingland.
2. Basically a word to describe running in sunny old Blighty.