Our Story: From Part Of The Problem To Planet First Running Clothing

Runner jumping while trail running in a sustainable t-shirt

For a short while, we were part of the problem.

I set up a business printing sportswear in London when I found out I was going to become a dad for the first time. I used to be out of the house for 12 hours a day with my day job and wanted more freedom to see my first-born. It worked out pretty well (though a new business and a new child at the same time is not ideal…), but I soon realised that I wanted to build something more, that I could be proud of in years to come.

Sportswear manufacturing has had a horrible impact on the planet. I never realised how much until I started working in the industry. We all love to get out in nature and explore the great outdoors, yet what we wear promotes the opposite. Big brands have happily made clothing at the expense of the planet for decades. So I knew I had to change paths.

Over many conversations with Alice (my partner and wife), we decided that if we were to have a business, we had to do things the right way. It had to make a difference to the world our kids would grow up in, no matter how small.

We set our non-negotiables:

  • Have a minimal impact on the planet (and ideally a positive one)
  • Ensure safe, fair employment for the people that made our clothing
  • Use our profits to make the world a better place

We wanted to make clothing for people that loved to get out in the great outdoors. We love running. The simplicity of it. Exploring the world one path at a time. We talked to hundreds of runners.

We knew our run gear had to be:

  • Genuinely top-notch – performing to the highest levels
  • Not be boring
  • Be made in the most sustainable way we could
Runner on Cornish coast path in the UK wearing a Mokimor t-shirtRunning in Cornwall in a Mokimor prototype t-shirt.

 It’s not been easy. We are a small, family-owned and run business and the little nippers take up more time and energy than we care to think about. COVID has been a terrible time for lots of people. For us, it meant losing our first batch of tees and our manufacturer as our UK factory went bust. Also, all the events and shows we had planned to promote and sell our tees at stopped. It was really tough to see so much time and effort go to waste. But we took a step back, adjusted our plans and found an amazing new manufacturer in sunny Portugal.

There will surely be more bumps in the road, but we’re looking forward to the challenge. We can’t do it alone. So spread the word and keep in touch. We always love to hear what you think and, hopefully, we will see you running in some Mokimor stash soon!

Eddie K
Founder, Mokimor