We don't claim to be perfect, but we try to have the lightest touch on the planet in everything we do.

We only use 100% recycled fabrics made from post-consumer waste and certified to the highest environmental standards.

We offset our carbon emission that can not be prevented.

We are working towards becoming fully circular, so that when your clothing can't be worn any more it can be recycled back into clothing again.

We will always create products in the most sustainable way we can, without compromising performance.

Our aim is to make the best products we can with minimal impact on the planet.

It's not easy for a small business, but we're proud of the way we do business and always looking for ways to improve.

Less CO2

Unfortunately, making t-shirts releases carbon no matter how hard we try to reduce it.

We offset unavoidable carbon emissions from our business.

Closing The Loop

Our tees are made from 100% polyester so it's easier to recycle them back into fabric when they can't be worn any more.

Giving to Good

Through our giving model, we donate to environmental charities that help to protect our Planet.

Mokimor Recycle Project

Our tees are designed to be recycled when you're done with them.

For every old tee returned, we give you 20% off a new one.

Sustainable Fabric

Our fabric is made from old, plastic bottles. That's it. 100% recycled.

So no crude oil. Less energy. Less CO2.

All with no compromise on performance.

Mokimor Lifetime Guarantee

We build our kit to last and back this up with a product lifetime guarantee.


Washing and drying clothes has a large environmental impact.

To reduce this we treat our tees with swiss anti-odour technology to reduce the frequency and temperature of washes needed to keep your kit fresh.


Each tee is made in a small batch. This means we make more of what is popular and less of what isn't, so we minimise waste in un-sold tees.

From waste plastic to yarn to fabric to finished tee. It all happens in Western Europe, keeping our supply chain as short as we can.


Ideally, we would not use any packaging, but we need to ensure our tees reach you in great condition.

We use groundbreaking new garment bags that dissolve harmlessly in water and recycled, recyclable paper mailers.

More Info Coming Soon