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Eddie K

Eddie K

Team Mokimor

The changing landscape of trail running events

Editor’s note:

This is an ‘In Short’ article – a quick read discussing one key topic.

252 words on two key challenges facing the trail running industry today.  

Trail running is booming

It’s one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. The whole covid thing supercharged it. People were forced to find new ways to exercise, they found the trails calling and loved it. The pandemic also did something else. It stopped the events industry in its tracks. 

This change in the landscape created two challenges for the running event industry to navigate carefully. The aftermath of Covid and the environmental footprint of events. 

Race: Cancelled.  

The number and size of trail running events pre-covid were growing fast. When covid hit, races stopped. Without organised events, more runners started making their own challenges, attempting FKTs and taking to virtual events to test themselves.

This was a huge move away from the traditional in-person events that are the cornerstone of the sport. As races are up and running again, will the draw for organised events be as strong?

Footprint on the trail

With the growing popularity and the expectation that races be held in stunning natural surroundings, the demands on the environment and trails themselves are impossible to ignore. Event organisers need to ensure a balance between looking after, and helping people access, the Great Outdoors. 

At its heart, trail running is about connecting to nature and a sense of community.

People want the social side of running that organised events provide and they expect events to be run with environmental responsibility. The challenge for the industry is how it balances this while navigating the changing landscape that the pandemic created.

Eddie (Team Mokimor)

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