French Alps - Trail Running
Eddie K

Eddie K

Team Mokimor

Chasing The Perfect Trail Run

When you imagine the perfect trail run, images like this come to mind. Epic mountain ranges, challenging terrain, secluded trails, views that get better round every corner.  

The trails that you dream of. 

This photo was taken in the French Alps a few years back. It was an amazing few days spent exploring the area on foot. 

We had been living out the back of an old Ford Fiesta for the past month. Pitching up our tent and living the simple life.

It was a holiday. A great holiday. But then we ended up back home. In the city. No hills, let alone mountains.

Why don’t we move to the hills…?

We thought about it a lot. But then the reality of ‘real life’ hit and we got sucked in. 

We can’t all get to the most stunning places to run. For a lot of us finding a simple hill, or a route with more trail than tarmac within easy reach of home is difficult enough.

But you can still make every run worth it.

Never accept that a run needs to be boring. Trail running is a state of mind. Make an adventure out of it. Connect with nature. Connect your mind with your body. And savour the journey itself.

And when the opportunity rises to go somewhere new and truly epic, grab it with both hands.

Eddie (Team Mokimor)

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