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Alice K

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Can you trigger a runner’s high?

In this 215-word InShort-Article we share:

  • What is a runner’s high?
  • How can you increase the chance of experiencing a runner’s high?

Running High. A lot of us know the feeling.

You’re running. You don’t really notice when it starts but you enter a ‘zone’.

Everything becomes so easy, so effortless. For some, they feel euphoric.

But why does a runner’s high happen?

Well, according to a clever chap called Professor David Raichlen and his research team, it’s probably all to do with our ancestor’s need to survive. If they didn’t chase down their food, they didn’t eat. By releasing a feel-good chemical hit on the brain, their bodies found it easier to run far and fast, and, stay alive.

So, you might not need to run for your dinner anymore, but you can still get that evolutionary ‘high’.

How does it happen?

Though the jury is out on this one, it’s most likely to do with endorphins and/or endocannabinoids. The first is basically a homemade opiate that makes you feel good. The second is your body’s version of THC which makes you feel all calm.

How can you get a runner’s high?

According to the research, you can increase your chance of hitting a high. You need a good night’s kip, some banging beats and some company to run with. Then run at a pretty hard (think tempo pace) for 1-2 hours. It’s as simple as that!

Alice (Team Mokimor)

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